Nov 20-22, 2024 | Abu Dhabi


We invite the press to be a part of inaugural edition of XPANSE

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XPANSE is a bold landmark initiative and a mission for the visioning of the future... Much more than a forum, It is an observatory and an activator of exponential technologies and deep science for the co-visioning of the next chapter for cities, citizens, industries and societies.

An exclusive global convening of knowledge stature, influence, and leadership,  XPANSE 2024 will bring together 2500 of the world's brightest minds, technology trailblazers, Nobel Laureates, industry leaders, CEOs, ministers, scientists, and internationally renowned thinkers to set the horizons of exponential technologies spanning quantum, genomics, exotic computing, embodied intelligence, Next-gen 2D matter, fusion energy,  AGI, Brain-Machine interfaces, Future G and beyond.

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